Sunday, July 21, 2013

Smith-Corona Electra 220 (6ELE) with script in pica

SN: 6ELE 227637

Note location of red label.  You won't see it unless you look for it.


  1. Good work. I have 2 machines, one is a Smith-Corona Classic-12 and the other I think is my Adler that have the over-sized C and E. I think they both used slugs from the same manufacturer.

    I think it was an attempt to make the script a bit fancier. The problem is that line spacing must be 1.5 spaces to keep the letters from printing into each other.

    I have never seen an SCM that used 2 color ribbons, but one of my European machines is able to use 2 colors.

  2. Bill, your experience is far greater than mine. I am still learning. I simply love typing on the 6ELE even though it is electric. The output is so fun. A buddy I sent a letter to said it reminded him of old prescription bottles that used to be typed in script. Funny how it triggers memories of yesteryear.

    You are correct, the 1.5 line spacing tends to detract for the end product if that were to be a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. But there are many other uses. It may head to college with my daughter. We'll see. She has three to choose from.