Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Typeface tuning?

Ok, so nothing in my collection will look as good at the SG-1.  Of course all my other keepers have been Smith-Corona so perhaps I am missing out on something.  I continue to use and evaluate my Skyriter which is still a fun machine to type on.  But with my reconditioned ribbon, I am seeing some classic "portable typewriter" ink on paper quality issues.  Any good reads on the matter?  I have no intention of "munging" up my toy but I could always experiment on with my Super-Sterling.


  1. Slugs can be adjusted by bending, but I do not recommend it if you do not have slug pliers or a good set of parallel jaw pliers. The latter can be found on line, but real slug and typebar pliers are difficult to find and expensive. If the platen is soft I'd go for a new ribbon. If there are still problems use a backer sheet. If you still do not like the results you can very very very carefully try bending things, but if it were mine, I'd probably use it like it is. There are a few other tweaks, but without seeing your machine it is hard to explain them. I have several Skyriters and like all older machines, none are perfect.

    1. Sounds like I had better leave it as is. I recently typed a three page letter on it. Of course the zip code had a five...I just wrote over it with a black pen. I guess it makes the old girl unique. I suspect 5/% typebar has had this problem since the day it left the factory.