Saturday, October 17, 2020

The MIA Swatch GB704. Watch #2

The watch curiosity continues. Where did this watch go to and why do I still have a Timex and not a more interesting and collectable Swatch?  It was my first replacement or should I say competitor to the trusty Timex M Cell.  The Swatch Watch hit the USA market in the early 80's.  Created in an effort to salvage the struggling Swiss watch industry which was quickly going under with the advent of the Japanese quartz watch.  I do not recall all the specifics of finding this watch.  I think a fun trip to Chicago resulted in this 2nd personal purchase of a watch in its sleek long plastic case.  It met two criteria.  One, looked clean and cool and, only the uncool watch nerd was not experimenting with a Swatch watch.  By Swatch standards this was an ultra conservative style.  I like it today.  I guess I could waste $40 on eBay to replace it but somehow that would be cheating.  

So, where is it?  I went looking for my old Swatch watches.  I think four of them passed through my hands of which only one can be found.  The others are location unknown only in my memory.  This watch saw a lot of action.  I even found a photo of myself wearing it in a  circa 1987 photo post college.  Oddly it is MIA.  It may surface someday.  Or, 8 states, 10 residences later, it simply got away.   For fun and verification a photo below confirms I was still wearing it post college.  A birthday party at my wife's apartment pre engagement in Marblehead, MA.

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