Tuesday, November 29, 2022

New image for my #1 watch, the ephemeral Timex

I had a fun trip to two watch shops this past Thanksgiving weekend.  I visited my favorite hole in the wall, Bristol Watchmaker in Concord NH.  I had two watches but I am only going to discuss the Timex here.  The Timex was the secondary objective of the visit as it only needed a battery to get her running again.  I wore this for a few years in College and then my professional watch arrived as a graduation gift and this drug store watch went into the top drawer.  But not lost!!  For some reason this watch's basic simplicity and proportions still speak to me.  While replacing the battery, Mark said it was dry and could use some lubrication which was applied before closing it up.  

While in Portland ME I wondered if there was a similar watchmaker shop.  I found Swiss Time on 86 Exchange Street.  Wonderful shop which I learned will be closing at the end of the year.  So sad but based on the retail outlets on this street, hard for a watchmaker to compete with what I would assume would be high rates.  Hopefully they can remake themselves in another location.   I purchased a 20mm band for my 19mm lugs.  Now my college era Timex looks as it did so many years ago.  Prior post on this watch.

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