Monday, March 4, 2024

Watch #7. Grandfather's 1988 Seiko Quartz 5Y31-8009


This watch came to me from Liz's side of the family.  I think she knew that watches are always something I have been interested in and it just came my way.  At first it did not strike me as anything of interest and it sat in a drawer for a while.  But at some point I decided to give it a battery and try it out.  

This watch made me take a whole new look at quartz watches!  It opened my eyes!  The movement is (0) Jewel which is rather common for quartz given there is no torque of a mechanical, spring powered movement.  It just keeps time!  Scarry so!!  And that is not all, the watch wears better than my Air King.  Yes, I said it.  I cannot say enough about the wearability of this Z1475.L Seiko band.  Very comfy.  

The 5Y31 is a pretty simple movement.  Nothing special at all but it sure runs well.   

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