Friday, March 15, 2013

Feed roller re-covering

SN 7-368808 chassis, 8-404575 carriage


  1. Great repair and definitely my favorite typer. I will keep this in mind (OD and ID) should I ever need to replace my feed roller.

    And I haven't got a solid technique on crinkle paint cleaning. One of my first typers, I ended up cleaning so hard, I end up with a smooth ribbon cover! Live and learn, I suppose.

  2. I got lucky on the tubing. First stop. It is a little slick but for my use, it is more than acceptable. I used scrubbing bubbles from a self spray bottle and I got streaks. Something tells me I need to try the true aerosol foam bubbles so that there is an equal amount of cleaning fluid on the entire surface. For now, she is a typer. I do want to try TSP which has also done well in various cleaning projects. Too cold and too much snow to go hunting for it in the barn.

  3. I just had some pretty good results using first warm water and hand dishwashing liquid applied by old toothbrush then rinsed. Then a very dilute cream bathroom cleaner (which is very slightly abrasive) again gentle circular scrubbing with an old toothbrush and rinsed even more thoroughly. Both these avoid the use of solvents that could soften paint. My recent efforts were on a Hermes Baby and I'd say were 95% successful.

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  5. You can use as they are a wonderful American company that took up the slack when Ames went west. They can re-cover platens and feed rollers and bail rollers with rubber of carefully selected density and grind to exact diameters.