Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello World

I guess now that I have tinkered with five manual typewriters and have four in my office, I am guilty of succumbing the artful blogs and website created to share the passion of the once ubiquitous typewriting machine.

In truth, the first non nondescript black crinkle finish typewriter that I rescued as a mere lad is no longer part of the family.  In was unceremoniously tossed into a 10 yard dumpster and hauled away like a load of unwanted construction debris.  I kept hunting and hunting for it until I was advised "it went".  What do you mean "it went" I said?

Now look at me.  One lost machine with French slugs has now sent me down the path of buying two, sadly non French, manual typewriters.

There is no way to create a blog as impressive as those who have been doing this a long time.  But, I felt the need to have a repository of photos and or my typecasts.

Happy typing!

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