Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Olympia SM-9

sn: 4337213

Go HERE for a PDF of the manual that came with it.


  1. Nice SM9. I think most German typewriters are all business and not much on the frills, but they are fine quality long lasting very good typewriters. I like the older Olympias, but would not pass a new one I could afford. I'd like to find the unusual ones like Ton (I dream lo-tech) found.

  2. I'm so glad that you went out and got that SM9, and that I found your blog somehow! Hard to tell if it is Pica or Elite with the size of the scan. Congratulations either way!

  3. Ken, got your letter. Thanks. It is 10 CPI or PICA. Nothing rare, just highly functional. It may go home with a buddy today actually. His electric broke a belt and they are not found at your local WalMart. So, I suggested he come try some manual typewriters and he arrives at Noon. I will let him try them all and decide which one he wants. The Speedline and SG1 are not an option but we'll see how it goes. I know where he lives!

    Sorry about the scan. It was a tiny note pad with snowflakes, since it was snowing in NH on March 20th.

  4. Can I download your pdf? I've been looking for a manual for my sm9 for a while now. Surprisingly hard to find!